Living Hope Church

Living Hope Church is a church plant in the inner city of Pretoria, South Africa pastored by Joshua Mack. Since our start in 2009, the church has grown to be a place where many people from different cultures and languages are united to serve and grow in unity that is rooted in Christ. As a church, we are passionate about the glory of God, growing as a community of believers - welcoming anyone to come and learn more about our Savior. One of the challenges with an inner city church plant, is finding a facility where we can meet in the mornings. Currently the church has to meet in the afternoons, renting from a Lutheran Seminary, sharing the space with a few other churches.


Over the past several years we have seen God do some amazing things. The truth is, in many ways, from a human perspective at least, this is a church that shouldn't be possible. One of the biggest obstacles our church's existence is our demographic - we don't really have one. Pretoria is full of Zimbabwean churches, Afrikaans churches, rich churches, poor churches, Nigerian churches, but we just want to honor God by actively and proactively seeking to be a church for all believers. And to some, that doesn't seem possible. A Bible teaching church, a deep church, a gospel centered church for all believers? Rich and poor with real relationships, educated and uneducated learning from each other, people putting off superior and inferior attitudes that they picked up from the world and relating to each other in Christ? But, it is happening! It really is!


We are currently in the process of raising funds to be able to purchase a property of our own. A property will make a significant difference in the way we minister to the people around us. A couple reasons why we are pursuing this would be to facilitate a morning service, counseling rooms, children's ministry, training days, be a venue for our African Bible Training Centre, help our worship team to be able to practice before a service, and a dedicated presence in the community! Our limitations with renting in the afternoons make all of these a significant challenge.







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