1HOPE Ministries

Abbie Caple

MBH Caregiver

God first began to give Abbie a passion for orphan care in her early 20's, when she read many blog posts about the plight of abandoned children overseas. She wondered, "What could I possibly do that would make a difference?" She was blessed with the ability to make several trips to Bulgaria with friends who were adopting, and that only fueled her passion to do something to help and confirmed her calling to work in orphan care. In 2013, she heard about the opportunity to work as an intern at Muphamuzi Baby Home for several months. (This was right after she had quit a job, didn't know what to do with herself, but had told her mom she DEFINITELY didn't think now was the time to go to Africa like she had dreamed of ever since she read the book, Kisses from Katie!) The need presented itself via Facebook post, from a friend of a friend of a friend that she had met online. Yes, it was a little crazy, but sometimes God works that way!
She was so excited to be accepted as an intern, especially since no one in 1Hope had ever met her and she didn't have any connection to anyone working in the ministry. Despite this, she felt like she had finally found my place in the world when she traveled to South Africa in 2014. Five months quickly turned into ten, which turned into a year as a caregiver, which turned into returning to work at MBH on an indefinite basis! She is now so happy to call Pretoria her home. Abbie loves caring for the babies every day, helping MBH run smoothly, and being a part of Living Hope Church!
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